Half The Bad & Twice The Good

by Bad Bad Meow



This album was recorded over the course of 8 months at music garage with the current lineup minus the drummer. This album was very different then other albums in the past thanks to Barts' unique recording techniques . Probably the most "rock" sounding album for BBM.


released July 1, 2015

Recorded and produced by Bart Pappas of Bleach Party.
Alen Khan Vox, Guitar
Greg Peerbolte Guitar
Dr. Treger Bass
Natalie Grace Alford Vox, Keys, rhodes
Ashley Simon Drums
Art By Pat Marek
Album Design Tommy Mendoza

All songs written by Alen Khan



all rights reserved


Bad Bad Meow Chicago, Illinois

Up and coming "acoustic country punk" band Bad Bad Meow recently migrated from the deep south of North Carolina to take the city of Chicago on a ride. The band delivers a fun, energy packed set with clever and edgy lyrics that you can't help but find yourself humming later. They've successfully created their own unique. ... more


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Track Name: Bad Bad Bad
Act surprised
And act like a friend
Act contrived
and do it again
Look around
To see what you get
Start all over
could you ever forget?
Pre ch
And i stayed when i believed you
now lets continue
And I said that I can take it all through the night
So polite when you will film me watch me ignite.
And you say that I was here
And you pushed me through the atmosphere
How I let you in
And i know that i would

Careful now
BeCareful again
Here we go
this time its a win
Fearful now
you best look away
Mouth is open
Best make my claim
Track Name: Brown Myst
Can you see
can you see
can you see it wasn't me
if you turn around
and notice that I'm gone
if I'm gone
then I'm gone
and then i know i wont be long
and I know I won't be able to respond
Here's the key
is the key
can you turn inside of me
Can you twist it all the way
until it pops
if I'm lost
then I'm lost
and if I feel it's just because
and I always want to take it from the top.
Can i say what i say
when i always say
Can i make what i make
when i always take
Can you share what you share
in that always way.
Can you move it around
in on a wasted day
Track Name: Tell The Truth
the words i scream aloud that makes you stay afraid
It almost feels as if you werent pulled away

If i
wasnt crucified
when near the countryside
the world had put aside
Will you ever be someone else?

Kicked back
i never was intact
i always stay on track
i bend untill you snap
Where can we hang
till we dry?

Where do i start?
I taste your parts
Send my regards
When you thrown me away

Can i behave?
Can you be saved?
Can we be raised?
To be thrown far away
Track Name: Did I
All the feelings gone
did i turn away to fast
did i know that we belong? nothing good can ever last.
Did i?
Did i?
Its all the same
Its all insane
Its all inflames
Did i fill you in with all the same old lines
Can i complain
Can i campaign
Cant i abstain
Did i sell you short when you were left here blind
Track Name: I Don't Belong
If you want the world to wait up
if you want to disappear
Here's some advice I can give you
i learned from my younger years
If you want the world to love you
be someone the world can love
Paint yourself in every color leave your soul unwashed.
If I said That i could careless
Would you choose to hear me out?
If i said you had no purpose
Would you mind? I dont belong
Carry me back to my old ways
See how different it can be?
The Worst was over when i bit down
Chewed it up and spat the seeds.
can you pick up all the silence that had fell on my side?
Can you gently rub the creases buried deep with in your kind?


I dont belong........
Last verse just second part
Track Name: Freak Flag
Throw your mud at me give a little waste
Crawling on my knees keep your head on straight
Dont you look so hard with your little scrapes and alittle slip to a common place and the ones you know just a cut and paste
Pour yourself on me
just like gasoline
Blow yourself up high
into smithereens
Dont you hold up well in a tiny cell that i lit on fire and sent straight to hell.
Track Name: Leave
How I can't escape it if you can erase it all the walls crashing down now baby
Early days are commin when you left a warnin and the times are running out now baby
If you want to leave me nonono noo
I wont forsaken
All the names ive taken
All the stares are vacant now now now now
Who am i to serve you
All this lust continues
Burried deep inside 2 of us now now now

If you try to break me if you try to break me if you try to break me down

How long is it Kansas no one Can demand this turn this sound to canvas paint the halls now
Know what we are facing burning all my cravings
Signals that we are making please stay tuned in